1. You look at your hand, it seems
so much prettier when the scars
on it are bright red and
‌2. You stop looking both ways
when you cross the street.1
It's sort of like your own
personal prayer to the
gods that don't exist.
3.You only like your body when it's
hollow. As if drowning yourself out is
also going to drown out all the
demons inside of you.
4. You forgetremember all
the sins you've committed, they
remind you of who you've
always been.
5. You always begged your mother and
father to never leave you.
They were older; after all.
They promised to be by your side,
no matter what -- but they
were the ones who ended
up begging for you
to stay.
6. You used to swear by the grim
name of bad omeans. You avoided
them like how they'd avoid
your glances. Now you invite
yourself to them.
7. You don't really feel,
the songs that used to
tug at your heart now
sound like noise.
8. The words no longer fly out
of the page. The air looks
more like a nauseous fog,
you wonder who's toxic.
9. You seem happier.
‌*You're lying.
Aren't you?