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Hey, I'm Chia. I'm a nineteen-year-old CS & Art student at Yale, from Manila. I create initiatives and products that build the world: the browser is my canvas.

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At Developh, I accelerate & invest in youth-led innovation for good across Southeast Asia. On-campus, I do creative research at the CCAM, support student-led startups, & create at User Experience Society—Yale's design organization & consultancy. Recently, I spoke at the first Asia-Pacific Grace Hopper Celebration on computational justice. My work across dozens of student-ventures & product startups informs how I ideate, collaborate, and drive product forward. Online, I create games, experiences, and write stories.


is a student, creator, and all-aspiring designer, PM, and engineer. Mostly wanting to be some sort of creative technologist. Learn more


I write intimate prose (or raw thought) about design, games, & life. Subscribe to my Tinyletter for doses of them or read my blog (since 2013). I create games on that might interest you, too.