What am I doing lately?


In my senior year.

My thesis will involve the construction of a web-based game engine for net art (or whatever cool tool focused on 'self-expression'), strongly inspired by the works of Increpare, Jeffrey Scudder, Adam LeDoux, etc. Along with the development of the engine itself, I'll be pairing it with some written research in regards to net art, the web, and web gaming culture.
I will be happy to share its progress as the school year progresses, as well as announcing some workshops on it!


Working on an essay collection (sign up for updates) to be finished by the end of the year; let me know if you'd like to read drafts. It's like Trick Mirror, but angsty.


I'm working part-time at Kumu as a Product Designer on our Growth/Lock-in team. I'm thinking about freelancing.

I am currently searching for a new grad Product Designer position to start after my May 2022 graduation—please reach out!


Running the Khaenri'ah Lore Project, Genshin Impact's largest lore community. We generate collaborative projects, writeups, and resources for lore theorists—exploring IRL culture and mythologies along the way. Not so much playing Genshin Impact anymore.


I need to think about everything I'm doing and finish this page.