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In Summer 2020, I interned at Teleport for fourteen weeks as a Product Design Intern. I joined on our app store launch, rehauled the onboarding experience on first week, took a key role in a major redesign of the app, and began shaping community-building, user research, and product roadmapping processes.

I'm continuing part-time work at Teleport as an Associate Product Designer.

Roles Given a lot of individual flexibility, I worked from mobile design, touching on our web API, product marketing, and lots of product roadmapping/feature definition work.
Timeline I started my internship at Teleport in May 2020, wrapping up full-time work on August 28.

The following screens are a collection of things we've shipped out in the past months.


Moving away from the single-reel, we built out a "Discover" page.

Post Analytics

I identified need for and designed our post analytics (MVP deployed on app on right) to give tastemakers sense of how well other userse were receiving and interacting with their content.



Creation, community, creator empowerment

I was drawn to Teleport because of the prospect of empowering creators, and am excited to continue doing so as an Associate Product Designer.