Hi, my name's Chia!

I'm a freelance front-end web developer and graphic designer.
Here are some samples of my works — but also, you can further inquire at
chiamisola at gmail dot com.
(Especially if you need my CV.)

Here are my (nice) posters.
Just click on them.
(You can also hover over them for some more information!)
I run a tech organization named Developers' Society.
We hold workshops and hackathons; and teach the youth how to code. Aside from being President, I also handle its branding.

I am in love with the impact media can bring through beautiful, meaningful content. 😞
In my internship for YouthHack Manila — I co-organized the SMM startup challenge and also was the creatives director.
I managed its social media accounts and developed materials from primers, tarpaulins, shirts, to letter templates.

I animated a simple teaser vid for it.

Did I mention that I make websites?
I love developing, and have done so since I was young.

SRCC Fair Site
Coded with Ash and Leroy, members of SRCC media!
Focused more on the graphical aspect rather than the code since it was done in a rush.

♥ Always
A web application where anyone could submit anonymous confessions, laid on a masonry page. Not pictured: the submission page and database.

Personal Website
Simple design that reflects my minimalist personal branding and identity.

Batid Web App
Not just a website but a web application, first delve into actual use of sorting algorthims, databases, and all that jazz.. Won awards in the Australian Robotics Challenge and in YouthHack — now being developed into a real application hehe ♥
Here is some miscellaneous multimedia work that I've done.
These were made for various projects and take different formats.

Moobaa — Booklet
View here

Hayag — Entrepreneurship powerpoint
View here

DevSoc General Assembly — Powerpoint
(Please do not) View here

Simple Batid presentation — Powerpoint
View here

DevSociety Primer — PDF / Booklet
View here

Very old Angklung concert — Powerpoint
View here

YouthHack SMM Primer — PDF / Booklet
View here

Ineffable Entrepreneurship Project (Batid) — Powerpoint
View here

Oh, I have no camera. (Still.)
But I can do basic event coverage and am not *too* shabby with photography and videography.

Thank you!
Direct concerns to
chiamisola at gmail dot com or hello at chiaski dot com.